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Even back in the 1880s Paris was considered a major city along with the likes of New York City, Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Los Angeles, Mumbai, Tokyo and Munich. The capital of France, Paris is situated on the Seine River and currently has a population of over 2.2 million people. Yet, in 1883 Paris was much quainter. It wasn't the city of romantic envy, nor was it a heavily populated tourist attraction. The city that is now home to the most-viewed museums in the world had yet to start construction of the Eiffel Tower or sweep the country with Impressionism art.

In 1883 the streets were walked or ridden by horseback or horse drawn carriages. The railroad was a new leisurely way to travel, much faster than the horses that were once solely depended on.

The men wore top-hats, suits and frequently carried canes. Women were enjoying the freedom of a relaxed waistline yet still wore elegant dresses for every occasion. The 1870s were the years in which the lean dress line took flight and with the 1880s came curvy silhouettes and wider shoulders. In 1881 the Rational Dress Society was founded to officially keep up with the ever-changing fashions.

Life in 1883 Paris would have been tough. The king and queen were in charge and the people suffered under their rule. Starvation and sickness plagued the city and its dense population made these struggles worse. Taxes made living situations more difficult, forcing people from their homes and businesses.

Yet living in the "City of Art" was certainly exciting, despite the rough living conditions. Art, in every form, was everywhere. Some of the finest painters of all time came from the era. Romanticism, Impressionism and Art Deco all grew out of the city of Paris' during the last 1800s.

During the same time theatre and literature sprouted new wings and added exciting new life to the culture of the city. People spent their free time in leisure, laying along beaches and taking in the arts.

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