London Map Prints, What It Was Like To Live In London in 1843

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The London of 1843 was much different than the London we know today. Most of us know it to be a beautiful city with many attractions and historical sites, but in the 1840s this relatively small city wasn't quite a tourist friendly destination.

The London of the 1840s was an overcrowded city where the poor would share homes with other families. The rich did well for themselves, living in beautiful homes, but the poor lived difficult lives.

For those unable to support themselves workhouses were established. A workhouse was a place where people could go to live and work. These temporary homes were very beneficial for many people who struggled to make ends meet. Workhouses would turn into housing for the elderly and sick at the turn of the 20th century.

During the 1840s London women wore flowing dresses that showed their shoulders and had puffed sleeves. Their skirts were bell shaped like many we are familiar with seeing in period films. Their shoes and small handbags were mad of the same material, often embellished with lace.

Men wore top hats and bow ties. They had full-length trousers or breeches depending on the occasion. Informal day wear included a frock coat or cutaway morning coat. In the evening they would wear a dark tail coat with a pair of trousers.

The Tower of London, St. Paul's Cathedral and Westminster Abbey were landmarks at the time. During the 40s the Tower of London wasn't quite the tourist attraction we know it to be today. It was a violent place with a troubling reputation. St. Paul's Cathedral was much more inviting with hourly prayers and daily services.

Today London is a hub for those who love history and beautiful architecture. Millions of people visit from around the world each year to take in its culture and scenery. The city has come a long way from its 1800s lifestyle and is a beautiful destination to explore. 

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