Seattle Map Prints, The Making of the Great City of Seattle

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In our shop we feature a stunning map of 1924 Seattle, complete with the city's many streets, neighborhoods, blocks, parks and waterways. The evolution that made Seattle what it was in 1924 and that brought it into the 21st century is a colorful one. Here's a little bit about how this great city came to be.

For 4,000 years Native Americans inhabited the area that is now Seattle Washington. When the first European settlers arrived the local tribes occupied 17 villages that surrounded Elliott Bay. Official Washington territory papers were first dated on May 23, 1853 when new land settlements were established.

Industries in Seattle were historically built around its natural and mineral resources. The city is known for going through economic cycles- experiencing many rises and falls. The lumber industry was responsible for the first boom in Seattle's economy. Its second boom was a result of the gold rush at the end of The Great Depression. Thanks to the gold rush Seattle became a major transportation center, supplying miners in Alaska and Yukon.

World War II brought another economic boom to the area. The Boeing aircraft grew on its dominance in the commercial airline industry and Seattle was lucky enough to be the headquarters of Boeing through all of its major development.

Today, many years after our 1924 Seattle map was originally made, the city is home to some of the largest corporations in America. Microsoft is one of those big name companies. The list also includes Amazon, Nintendo, T-Mobile and AT&T.

Even through all of its growth and its experience with so many different industries, Seattle remains humble. To this day its famous Pike Place Market highlights all of Seattle's best qualities. Famous for its fish market the Pike Place Market is the epitome of Seattle hospitality with local merchants lining the streets and the ferry filled waterways at eyelevel.

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Nancy Tway
Nancy Tway

March 30, 2015

Looking for old maps of the Gulf Of Mexico. Florida, Alabama Gulf coast. Thank you, Nancy Tway

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