Dallas Map Prints, 5 Things Happening in Dallas in 1958

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Today Dallas, Texas is the ninth most populated city in the United States and the third most populated in Texas, but what was happening in this great city back in 1958? Dallas had come a long way from its humble roots, yet wasn't quite at its nearly 1.3 million occupants. From farming and stockyards to engineering companies and the Dallas Cowboys football team, Dallas has a lot to be proud of.

  • Dallas' minor league baseball team first known as the Dallas Rangers started their short Texas based career in 1958, playing in the Double-A Texas League their first year and then playing in the Triple-A American Association before relocating to Vancouver, Canada.
  • In July of 1958 while American electrical engineer Jack Kilby was working at Texas Instruments in Dallas he drew up the idea for the silicon chip (also known as an integrated chip or microchip). This compact microchip changed the electrical inner workings of computers, mobile phones and home appliances. In 2000 Kilby was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics.
  • Dallas based pianist Van Cliburn won the International Piano Competition in Moscow at the age of 23. He made Texas proud, playing for royalty, heads of state and every United States president from Harry S. Truman to Barack Obama.
  • What was Dallas' weather like in 1958 you ask? The average high was 96 degrees. It got pretty warm that year with the highest recorded temperature hitting 103 degrees. There were 26 days of warmer than average highs before things started to cool off. December 14th was the coldest day with a temp of only 16 degrees.
  • In 1958 the United States was home to over 174 million people. Fewer than one million of those lived in Dallas, contributing to its growing economy. The city would finally hit the 1 million mark in 1962.

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