GeoArtShed Fine Map Prints

Even though there isn't much practical use for carrying a map around nowadays we can't let ourselves forget the importance and brilliance of cartography. Collectors are certainly captivated by the storytelling of cartographers with some paying as much as six figures for the rarest and most unique pieces. Any map that shows how our world has changed is a collector's dream. 

They are the most treasured of conversation pieces. Who doesn't love art that invites travel stories? Making a map poster apart of your decor is as special as displaying any other piece of history. They can be read by anyone who takes the time to admire them, which allows us all to understand their worth. 

Whether you have childhood memories of running your fingers along the distinct highways of a foldup map or have a vintage replica hanging above your mantel, you've probably been mesmerized by one at least once in your life. Whether they're mapping out 19th century Paris or giving a detailed aerial view of New York City they are as special as they are interesting. 

All of our print poster maps are handmade in the USA by local artists. FREE shipping will be applied to all orders over $99.00 at checkout!